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Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Here's something seen every night in millions of homes: Mom reading a bedtime story to her baby.

But it's not your normal bedtime story. This one's a heartbreaker.

That's my daughter reading to her daughter (my granddaughter) Rosie in the hospital. In mid-September 2016, Rosie suffered devastating ischemic brain damage in a car accident. Traffic slowed on the highway. Our son-in-law, who was driving, was able to stop their car with plenty of space between their car and the one ahead of them. But the car behind theirs failed to see the brake lights and plowed into them at full speed — probably close to 70mph.

Airbags and shoulder harnesses saved the lives of our son-in-law and our daughter. Our son-in-law suffered a serious concussion and couldn't work for two weeks but two months later he's doing pretty well. Rosie's car seat held her tight and no doubt that saved her life, too. But inside her skull, Rosie's eight-week old brain was thrown back, then sl…