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(TeXnology) Airtable review at Macworld

My review of Airtable went live today at Macworld online. Click here to read the review. I worked hard to make it an easy read, just like the folks at Airtable worked hard to make Airtable easy to use. (Okay, they've worked much harder than I did.)

Airtable is an innovative relational database system. I'm delighted to see that the review is being well received.

Planning a wedding with Airtable I'm almost finished with a wedding planning database built in Airtable. This is aimed not at photographers but at brides and grooms — the folks who are planning the wedding. If you just got engaged and you're interested in some inexpensive but very powerful help managing just about every aspect of what happens starting today, going through the rehearsal dinner, the wedding and reception, the honeymoon, and ending around the day you mail your last thank you note, contact me directly. Or check back here later for more info.

Happy Birthday, Abe!

Today (February 12) was Abraham Lincoln's birthday. I flew my flag and reread the 'House Divided' speech. And I found this wonderful slideshow at NRO:

Last year I read The President and the Photographer, by Richard Lowry (no relation to National Review's editor). It's an excellent book but focuses on Lincoln's work with Alexander Gardner. The slideshow that I'm linking to here shows portraits of Lincoln by Gardner, Matthew Brady and a number of other photographers.

It was a thrill when we were in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., a year ago, to be able to see the great February 1865 portrait of Lincoln by Gardner.