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Searched for something better than Gmail. Didn't find it.

WP, 2015–04-12

When I first used Gmail more than a decade ago, I was surprised at how good it was — surprised and impressed. It was a lot less capable than it is today, but even so, I thought Gmail was, at least in some important respects, better than the best desktop clients. As soon as Google Apps for Your Domain became available two years later (late 2006), I moved my work accounts to Google and they stayed there for the next eight years.

Then in early 2015, I talked myself into abandoning Gmail — and most of Google's other services, as well. I thought I had something better to go to.

I was wrong.

[Just to be clear: I’m talking here mainly about paid Google for Your Domain accounts; but for the purposes of this essay, the slight UI differences between a paid Google account for a custom domain and a free Google account with an email address are largely irrelevant.]

Why? Why? Why did I quit Google? Good question. After all, I was rather happy with my Google accounts for…