Wherein I try to cancel my Adobe Cloud subscription

When, with some misgivings, I signed up for an Adobe Creative Cloud account about 32 days ago, inste...

When, with some misgivings, I signed up for an Adobe Creative Cloud account about 32 days ago, instead of paying for a year in advance and being done with it, I chose the month-to-month option. I thought that by choosing the month-to-month plan, I would be able to cancel later.

So when I contacted Adobe yesterday to cancel, I was a bit annoyed to discover that I'd misunderstood the terms of the subscription. The agent I chatted with was polite and offered me a one-month credit, which I accepted as the best deal available to me at the moment. But I was annoyed, and I still am.

I could have canceled within fourteen days. So I'm two weeks two late. I just checked, and the info is there. Assuming nothing has changed, this is I saw when I signed up. Note: The orange box highlighting what I read too quickly has been added by me.

Yes, this is my fault. Instead of looking at the prominent and colorful box enticing me to sign up for Adobe Stock, I should have paid closer attention to the boring gray but admittedly fairly clear billing terms.

Don't make this mistake yourself. I'll be talking in future posts about why it makes increasing sense—at least for many photographers—to wean yourself away from Adobe. But even if you want to keep using Lightroom, remember, you can still buy a conventional permanent license. Good luck finding that option on Adobe's website, but I'm told it's there somewhere.

And if you prefer to sign up for Adobe's subscription plan, consider your options carefully. Understand that the month-to-month option is simply a payment plan, not a different type of subscription. You can cancel, but there's a punishing cancelation penalty. It's like the standard American cell phone service contract.

With that in mind, it make make more sense to pay up front and get the pain over quickly. If you change your mind later, well, at least you won't have to watch your bank account being dinged month after month for software you no longer want to have on your hard disk.

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