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Wherein I try to cancel my Adobe Cloud subscription

When, with some misgivings, I signed up for an Adobe Creative Cloud account about 32 days ago, instead of paying for a year in advance and being done with it, I chose the month-to-month option. I thought that by choosing the month-to-month plan, I would be able to cancel later.

So when I contacted Adobe yesterday to cancel, I was a bit annoyed to discover that I'd misunderstood the terms of the subscription. The agent I chatted with was polite and offered me a one-month credit, which I accepted as the best deal available to me at the moment. But I was annoyed, and I still am.

I could have canceled within fourteen days. So I'm two weeks two late. I just checked, and the info is there. Assuming nothing has changed, this is I saw when I signed up. Note: The orange box highlighting what I read too quickly has been added by me.

Yes, this is my fault. Instead of looking at the prominent and colorful box enticing me to sign up for Adobe Stock, I should have paid closer attention to t…