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Updates for DxO ONE app and firmware

DxO has released a round of updates for DxO ONE users: one for the DxO ONE app that runs on your iPhone, another for the firmware of the DxO ONE camera itself, and a third for the DxO Connect app that runs on your computer.

NOTE: The info in this blog post was current as of October 28, 2015. It will cease to be current whenever DxO releases its next updates, which might be sooner rather than later. To check for the latest info about apps and updates, go here:

Updating DxO Connect on your computer Installing the update on the computer is easy. Open the DxO Connect app, and in the menus, go to Help > Check for Updates. If the app needs updating, the updater will be downloaded. Quit DxO Connect, go to your Mac's desktop and follow the normal process for installing an update: mount the disk image, then double-click the updater app.

You can of course go to the App Store's Updates screen to confirm that you have the latest versio…

Abby Porter, R.I.P.

Of all the photos I've taken with digital cameras in the last fifteen years, the one above is perhaps my favorite. I call it "Running Dog" and it's a photo of our dog Abby.

She did like to run. That photo was taken in 2007 in our backyard, which was big enough for her to get up a decent head of steam. But she really liked the wide open spaces. Once my wife Joan let Abby off the leash near the lake, and before Joan could reconsider, Abby raced to the water and jumped in, ruffling the feathers of a handful of ducks and covering herself in mud.

Even at home, whenever Abby got through the front door without a leash, she'd take off like a rocket. I used to say, "Abby's heading for Mexico!" But actually, she had no destination. The first time or two, we chased her frantically around the neighborhood. Eventually we learned that she was simply going to run as fast as she could up and down our street until she wore herself out. Then she'd offer herself …

Answers to some questions about the DxO ONE

Herewith a few addenda to my Macworld/IDG review of the DxO ONE. If you aren't already familiar with the DxO ONE, you might want to go here first and take a quick look.

. What is the point of the DxO ONE? Its raison d'ĂȘtre?The DxO ONE is a better camera for your iPhone. That's it in a nutshell.

. Don't you mean "better than the iPhone"?No, I mean better for. Of course, it's a better camera than the iPhone's camera—much better, in fact. But that's nothing to get excited about. Almost the only cameras that aren't better than the iPhone are other smart phone cameras.

By saying the DxO ONE is a better camera for the iPhone, I'm acknowledging that the DxO ONE has a symbiotic relationship with the iPhone. You plug the DxO ONE into your iPhone via the lightning port. That's how you use it. So it doesn't replace your iPhone. It substitutes for the iPhone's built-in camera, but retains the one thing about the iPhone that is really outstand…