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Books received: "Road to Seeing" by Dan Winters

Received delivery of Road to Seeing by Dan Winters. Big book, but one I'm eager to dig into. This is not late night in bed read, but attentive, quiet afternoon reading. I buy more and more of my books in digital form, usually from Apple's iBooks bookstore. But books like this have to be read "in the flesh."

I got the tip on the book from David Hobby's post about the book over at and refer you there for more info.

How to make the best black and white camera?

I want to stipulate two things up front.

First, I love black and white. No, it's more than that. I love black and white and — to be brutally honest — I feel very uncomfortable with color.

And second, I'm an not now, nor have I ever been, an engineer.

With that out of the way, I want to think a bit about the best way to get black and white images from a digital camera.

The idea of a black and white digital camera seems to come up fairly regularly. I remember reading a thread years ago on a Pentax forum from a photographer who thought that Pentax ought to come out with a black and white digital camera. More recently, somebody has suggested that Olympus do the same thing. Mike Johnston, a.k.a. The Online Photographer, reports this proposal, which was made on his blog's comment board.

As much as I love black and white images, in the past, I have always thought that this idea was crazy. It just seemed crazy to me to throw away the color info. When I do a black and white conv…