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Talking to young artists about the future of photography

This morning I had the pleasure of talking to a couple dozen art students at Booker T Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas. Although it's a part of the Dallas ISD public school system, "BTW HSPVA" (for short) is a rare school: students have to audition for admission. And with only about 900 students total, it's one of the smallest public high schools in the system. Small, but there's a lot of talent there!

Anyway, I was there to talk to young art students about photography. It's an almost absurd challenge, because nearly everything I know about the art and craft and especially the business of photography is rapidly becoming obsolete. Of course, being me, I managed to talk for 45 minutes without difficulty, and while I'm not sure how all the students felt, I would have enjoyed staying for another 45.

I talked a little about how I'd started photography in high school myself and stuck with photography through college and be…