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iPad notes: Facebook; Blurb

Two items having to do with the iPad. One is bad news, one is good news.

The bad news is that the Facebook app for the iPad doesn't display my blog correctly. If you visit my Facebook page and click a link to a blog post, the Facebook app will display the blog post inside the app. The most noticeable problem with the display is that the app doesn't properly display this nice font that I'm using for headlines and the blog title (and which has become a part of my overall personal branding). The solution is to use the Open in Safari command to view the blog article; the command is in the upper right corner of the page that you view in the Facebook app.

The good news is that Blurb, the online service I use to create photo books (for myself and for brides) is releasing an iPad app for creating ebooks. I'm working on a book project now and this is exciting news for me! I also just realized that Blurb now has a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, the software that I and a …

R.I.P. Bruce Felps

I was surprised and saddened to learn today via email that Bruce Felps has died.

Bruce had a long and remarkable career in the news biz, but I knew him as the publisher, editor and star reporter for The East Dallas Times, an online publication covering my part of our wonderful city. Over the last few years, I talked to Bruce fairly often by phone or email and worked for him and with him on a number of local stories. His energy and enthusiasm and sheer love for what he was doing were amazing. It's hard to grasp that he's gone.

He wasn't supposed to be the story and he didn't ask me to take pictures of him, but in the last year, when we worked together, I did take a couple snaps of him. Reviewing them today I noticed that, in every single picture, he is the active person. Here he is (on the left) talking to councilman Sheffie Kadane during a mayoral candidates campaign event at the East Dallas Country Club. Bruce is the underdressed guy on the left. He was cutting edge …