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I am not the William Porter you are looking for

An open tip to a recent repeat visitor to this blog: I am not the William Porter you are looking for. There are an awful lot of William Porters in the United States and I am personally aware of at least four of them who are publicly known as photographers. I'm in Dallas, Texas.

PLEASE go away and stop spamming my blog.
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Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Here's something seen every night in millions of homes: Mom reading a bedtime story to her baby.

But it's not your normal bedtime story. This one's a heartbreaker.

That's my daughter reading to her daughter (my granddaughter) Rosie in the hospital. In mid-September 2016, Rosie suffered devastating ischemic brain damage in a car accident. Traffic slowed on the highway. Our son-in-law, who was driving, was able to stop their car with plenty of space between their car and the one ahead of them. But the car behind theirs failed to see the brake lights and plowed into them at full speed — probably close to 70mph.

Airbags and shoulder harnesses saved the lives of our son-in-law and our daughter. Our son-in-law suffered a serious concussion and couldn't work for two weeks but two months later he's doing pretty well. Rosie's car seat held her tight and no doubt that saved her life, too. But inside her skull, Rosie's eight-week old brain was thrown back, then sl…

(TeXnology) Airtable review at Macworld

My review of Airtable went live today at Macworld online. Click here to read the review. I worked hard to make it an easy read, just like the folks at Airtable worked hard to make Airtable easy to use. (Okay, they've worked much harder than I did.)

Airtable is an innovative relational database system. I'm delighted to see that the review is being well received.

Planning a wedding with Airtable I'm almost finished with a wedding planning database built in Airtable. This is aimed not at photographers but at brides and grooms — the folks who are planning the wedding. If you just got engaged and you're interested in some inexpensive but very powerful help managing just about every aspect of what happens starting today, going through the rehearsal dinner, the wedding and reception, the honeymoon, and ending around the day you mail your last thank you note, contact me directly. Or check back here later for more info.

Happy Birthday, Abe!

Today (February 12) was Abraham Lincoln's birthday. I flew my flag and reread the 'House Divided' speech. And I found this wonderful slideshow at NRO:

Last year I read The President and the Photographer, by Richard Lowry (no relation to National Review's editor). It's an excellent book but focuses on Lincoln's work with Alexander Gardner. The slideshow that I'm linking to here shows portraits of Lincoln by Gardner, Matthew Brady and a number of other photographers.

It was a thrill when we were in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., a year ago, to be able to see the great February 1865 portrait of Lincoln by Gardner.

Gardner and Lincoln: Portraits in Greatness

Just came across this article by William Newton at The Federalist online about the exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C. of Alexander Gardner's photos.

Lincoln's Favorite Photographer Illuminates Post-Civil War America

Drat! We were just there ten months ago, but this exhibit started in September and ends in six weeks. Wish I could hop in my truck and go there.

My wife and I saw a very nice exhibit of early daguerrotypes at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, when we were there in late December 2015. And when we visited Lincoln's home in Springfield, Illinois, last August, I picked up and have since read with great enjoyment Richard S. Lowry's excellent recent book The Photographer and the President: Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Gardner & The Images That Made a Presidency.

I don't want to live in Los Angeles, New York or Washington, D.C. But I do wish I could visit more often, to see these great exhibits!

Flickr delivers a book

Yesterday, I received a book of photos I had created from a Flickr gallery using Flickr's online book-making app. I was fairly pleased.

The process in Flickr The process of selecting the photos and layout out the book was about as easy as it could possibly be, partly because Flickr has provided a very good online app for this task, and partly because their app has very few options. I've only used it this once and perhaps I missed something, but I didn't see a way to add text anywhere except on the cover. No way, for example, to print those captions that I had laboriously entered. Still, pulling the photos from the gallery in Flickr was simplicity itself. I reorganized a few photos, rejected some of the photos in the gallery, and adjusted crop or display on the page—et voilĂ : book! Hit the order button and cough up some money, and about a week later, I was able to present the book to my wife. (The book contains my favorite images from our recent fortieth-anniversary trip up…

Sunset at the Lake

Arthur Maxwell insisted on a walk this evening, so we hopped in the truck and rolled over to the lake for a quick walk before sunset. This photo was taken looking east towards Winfrey Point; the lake was behind me as I took the shot, and the sun was setting in the west. Not a remarkable sunset by Texas's very high standards.

The image displayed here is on loan from Flickr. You can visit it at home here.